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WICASTamp is an amplified audio transmitter

– Impedance 8 Ohms
– 2 x 15 W RMS (including amplification)
– 1x 3.5 mm mini jack input
– Powered by a 15 V – 2 A connector
– Compatible with AirPlay 1 and major streaming services
– USB drive
– Alarm clock function
– Programmed stop function

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Play music wherever you want!

WICASTamp is an amplified audio transmitter capable of transforming your passive speakers into a multiroom sound system through your WI-FI network.

Lecteur de stockage de masse


Compatible avec les services de streaming musical

Compatible DLNA

Le WICASTamp est équipé de la technologie DLNA. Elle vous offre la possibilité de partager des fichiers entre vos appareils multimédias.

Compatible AirPlay

Le WICASTamp est compatible avec la technologie AirPlay Audio par Apple.

Prenez le contrôle avec WiiM Player

Application disponible pour iOS & Android

Good sound in every room.

In the case of multi-room use, you need one WICASTamp per room with a passive speaker (or a pair of passive speakers). In the example below, 3x WICASTamp are installed. Send sound from streaming services from your computer or phone. The WiiM Player application allows you to control everything.

Thanks to the application, everyone can listen to the music of their choice in all rooms or separately.


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