Large public places.

The magnetic induction loop

A loop auditory is a magnetic field diffusion system for hearing-impaired people equipped with a hearing aid. The installation consists of an electrical wire that runs around the perimeter of the room forming a loop. A magnetic loop is mainly installed in a room.

The magnetic field caused by the magnetic loop

The magnetic field generated by the loop at the periphery of the room will pass through the coil
of the prosthesis by induction. The hearing impaired person will be able to receive the information.

How does the magnetic loop (BIM) work?

In most cases, the magnetic loop is installed on the periphery of the building.
the room with a wire or a copper tape (BM-CU 50/100).

There are several types of loops depending on the size of the room, the need for confidentiality and
control of the magnetic field to limit interference.

schema de la boucle magnetique

La boucle magnétique est reliée à un amplificateur spécifique (BM-A250 ou BM-A1000) selon la superficie à couvrir.


La source audio à transmettre est également reliée à cet amplificateur.


L’installation produit alors un champ magnétique généré par la boucle réalisée dans la salle.


Le champ magnétique est capté par l’appareil auditif ( en position « T » ).


L’amplificateur de boucle peut compléter une installation de sonorisation existante afin de répondre à la réglementation

Simple solutions for small spaces.

Thanks to à this system, the its from from micro of the speaker, an equipment
from a sound system, television set or other source is transmitted
wirelessly to the person’s hearing aid.

The latter can thus hear it without being disturbed by any ambient noise.

Loop amplifier KIT.

Ideal for fixed countertop and small installations. Ideal for small fixed installations (50m2 Max) and privacy areas.

Autonomous terminal on battery.

Add-on solution, requires no installation.

This portable loop system makes it easy to equip an office or a counter.

Made of ABS, it integrates a microphone, an amplifier, a rechargeable battery and an induction loop.

The installation of a hearing loop must be performed and certified by a specialized installer

The installer will be able to issue a certificate of conformity following a series of measurements made with the BM-SCAN