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8 channel amplified mixer with 4 outputs of 120W at 100V

– 4x120W 100V integrated amplifier
– Mixer 8 inputs
– Each entry can be routed to the zone of your choice
– Compatible with the wall controller
– WP1 and the MIC-DESK4 console

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The ultimate multi-zone mixer/amplifier

The ZONEAMP4120 offers 4 mono and 4 stereo mic/line inputs for professional installations. Each input can be sent independently to each zone of choice. Compatible with WP1 wall controller and MIC-DESK4 console

8 Inputs

Each entry can be routed to the zone or zones of its choice.

Installer settings are accessible by screwdriver.

4 Outputs

The ZONEAMP4120 is equipped with a monitor speaker to check the signal sent to each output.

Example of configuration


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