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Micro desk, zone manager for the DZ-MATRIX

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‘- Up to 64 different zone groups
– Each zone can be named and assigned
– Volume control
– Zone selection
– Push to talk button
– Emergency” mode to broadcast a priority emergency message
– XLR microphone chassis (supplied) with Phantom power supply
– USB port to load a chime in mp3 (max. 4 seconds duration) in the internal memory
– RD port to connect to digital channels 9/10, 11/12 of the matrix.

Use CAT5e or CAT6 cable with a maximum length of 100 m.


– Power supply: 24 VDC (powered by the DZ-MATRIX or the DZ-EXPAND)
– Audio output: 0 dBV, balanced, RJ45 connector
– Gooseneck microphone (supplied): Unidirectional electret condenser microphone
– Total harmonic distortion : 0.01 %.
– RD port: transmits and receives AES3 digital audio and control data to the DZ-MATRIX. RJ45 port.
– USB port: WAV / MP3 file upload for chime sound
– Volume control: microphone volume control and all-zone switch
– Zone selector: can address 1 to 64 different zones
– Display: shows information about the device: ID, volume, zone selector
– Indicators: Signal (green), Input peak (red), Busy (red), Comm (green)
– Finish: steel, black paint
– Dimensions (W x D x H): 176 x 61.8 x 162.4 mm
– Net weight: 0,8 kg

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